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       Henan Xida Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018, is located in Guancheng District, Henan Province, the company produces a full range of products, with high-quality processing and production capacity, to provide customers with high-quality, stable products, the main products are superhard materials: divided into diamond composite sheet (oil, coalfield and mining drilling) series, Tool raw material cutting blades, polycrystalline diamond drawing die Billet, diamond composite chip drill bit, coal truncated teeth and geological truncated teeth,

       ceramic binder diamond/cbn grinding wheel, resin binder diamond/CBN grinding wheel, laser cutting machine and other superhard material extension products.

       The company provides high-quality products, can fully meet the needs of customers, the company's products exported to Europe, the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions. Henan Darcy Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. since its inception, has always been to customer demand as the center, the development of new products, time and again to meet customer demand, is 100% of customers to achieve their own satisfaction, received customers have been praised.

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